Why do we do we become DIYer's?


Have you ever wanted to try making your own cleaning products but it all seemed too hard or you didn't know where to start? or even why you should.

That's how I felt when I first got my oils. I was hearing all these people tell me they made all this DIY stuff with basic ingredients and their oils - but it all seemed like too hard to source the right bottles, ingredients and recipes. And now as I share oils with others I am getting this same feedback - "Where do I start???"

Why do we do we become DIYer's?

Because, not only can your oils be used to support YOU, but many of them are fantastic cleaners, disinfectants and deodorizers! It is sooooo much easier than you think. You get to cut the harsh chemicals from your environment. And the best part - it will save you heaps by pretty much avoiding the cleaning isle of the supermarket!

So I reached out to a couple of dear friends, Darnie and Kerryn of SANTE Newcastle, to help out DIY beginners by putting together a pack that is perfect to get you started....and keep you going because you just refill whenever you need with everything you will now have in this kit.


You have your oils, now lets learn how to detox the home:

Kit includes ;

Recipe sheet + ingredients

250ml Fractionated coconut oil

500ml Castile soap

50g Epsom Salt

200g Citric Acid

vessels + labels + funnel, pipette & oil key.


It will be all you need to make

All-purpose cleaner

Hand Soap

Stain Remover for clothes

Toilet cleaner/stain remover

Oh, and sign up for their emails and you will get a further 10% off your first order - so add to it if you would like.

And....watch this space because I believe that soon there will be a Personal Care Box to get your making your own potions and lotions easily in your own kitchen. So much better for you and your family, and so much fun to do.

 Happy Oiling and DIYing!

Lee :D

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