Meet the Practitioners

Darnie Ewart - DIY Workshops + AromaTouch

I’m a doTERRA Blue Diamond, Mamma, Wife, AromaTouch trainer, I love D.I.Y and education around living a low tox life.

I’m so passionate about helping others strive for something better than they could have ever dreamt of, pure potent essential oils have changed my life, I will spend the rest of my life helping and educating others to live there best life.


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Kerryn Smythe - Remedial massage

As a result of my lifelong passion of caring for people I've finally found my calling and am doing what I love. 

Using a combination of remedial massage and essential oils to enhance and intensify treatments, I have been able to achieve amazing results both physically and emotionally for my clients.

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Joanne Macintosh - Pregnancy Massage Therapist + Remedial Massage Therapist

Jo has been interested in health and healing for over 25 years. She has studied massage and other healing modalities, Eastern Spirituality, Nutrition, Rudolf Steiner Education/Therapies and Yoga. Specialising in Pregnancy and Postpartum treatments, my sessions are a combination of Intuitive Bodywork, Energy Balancing and advice on Nutrition/Yoga to enhance the health of your body, nourish your soul and connect with Spirit. I love to nurture each of my clients so that they go home feeling refreshed, renewed and empowered.

Joanne Macintosh - Sante Newcastle

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Shai Hughes - Remedial Massage Therapist

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Shay Hughes - Sante Newcastle

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About Sante: 

SANTE is a one-stop wellness centre, offering Remedial Massage & boasting a large range of Essential Oils, vessels and DIY ingredients. Owned & operated by good friends Darnie & Kerryn; these lovely ladies, mums & oil experts are bringing the ingredients, therapy & knowledge you need for a low tox home and a stress-free life.