Shea Butter 200g

Shea Butter 200g

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Organic Shea butter 200g

Bulk Refined Shea Butter Organic - Natural Pure

Orku Refined Shea butter is made from our high quality, organic unrefined Shea Butter, extracted and handcrafted using the traditional process. An additional physical refining process using clay produces a white, odourless Shea butter in a refined state. There are no chemicals uséd in the extraction process.

Refined Shea butter does not contain the nutty smell of unrefined Shea butter, is pure white in colour and consistent in texture, making it favourable in formulating cosmetics and in other applications.

Refined Shea butter is most commonly uséd as a base ingredient in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, personal are, skincare, confectionery, soap manufacturing and leather care. The Shea butter is deodorised and the colour is removed, ensuring limited interference with the desired fragrance and colour of your end product.

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